Stuart Campbell, Principal Investigator

NERC Independent Research Fellow

Environmental Metabolomics Academic Lead (APS)

Stuart got his PhD from Cornell University (USA) after doing his BSc and MSc at Simon Fraser University (Canada).  He then returned to Canada for postdoctoral research at the University of Toronto, before moving to the UK.  He's genuinely interested in everything happening in the lab.


TwiXer: @StuartACampbell 

Upuli Wickramaarachchi, PhD Student

Upuli completed an MSc in Applied Statistics at the University of Peradeniya and a BSc in Agricultural Resource Management  at the University of Ruhuna (Sri Lanka).  She is funded in part by an AHEAD Scholarship from the Government of Sri Lanka, and a University Postgraduate Scholarship. She has interests in ecological and agricultural entomology, chemical ecology, pollination, and apiculture. She is investigating the evolution and function of floral scent, and the chemical ecology of pollen. Some of Upuli's prior research can be found here, here, and here!

TwiXer: @upzitupzi

Hannah Ronan-Brown, PhD Student 

Hannah completed her MBiolSci in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield before starting a PhD. She is funded by a Faculty of Science Postgraduate Scholarship. She has interests in evolutionary biology, ecology and plant-insect interactions, and her project is on the evolution and ecology of floral defence.

Elizabeth Oladapo, PhD Student

Elizabeth completed her MSc in Biotechnology in the Department of Applied Sciences, Edinburgh Napier University, UK. She is funded by a Faculty of Science Postgraduate Scholarship. She has interests in plant science and computational biology, and is studying floral scent evolution by combining metabolomics and genomics.

Abigail Barton, PhD Student 

Abigail completed her MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity and BSc in Geography at Lancaster University. She is studying biodiversity and ecosystem services in urban greenspaces.  She is funded in part by the EPSRC and the Sheffield Institute for Sustainable Food, and is co-supervised by Jill Edmondson. 

Rachael Haw, PhD Student 

After a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Birmingham, Rachael completed an MRes in plant-pollinator interactions in the lab - before taking the plunge and staying on as a PhD student. She is interested in ecology, entomology and global change biology, and is currently working on the impacts of air pollution on plant-insect interactions.  She is funded by the ECORISC DTP and is co-supervised with Karl Evans (Sheffield) and Laurence Jones at the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (UK CEH)

TwiXer: @rachael_haw

Dr Yanan Liu, Postdoctoral Researcher

Yanan is working on the ecological impacts of air pollution on plant-insect interactions (part of a collaborative  NERC Highlights Grant). She completed her PhD at King's College London studying the impact of smoke pollution from wildfires on migratory insects. She also holds an MSc in Environmental and Energy Engineering from the University of Sheffield and a BSc in Resources Environmental, Urban and Rural Planning Management from Yunnan University (China). She brings a diverse background in environmental science, ecology, geography, and entomology to the lab!   

More info here!

Dr Tamires Talamonte de Oliveira, Postdoctoral Researcher

Tamires is working on the effects of air pollution on insect diversity (part of a collaborative NERC Highlights Grant). She hails from Brazil, where she completed her BSc at IFSULDEMINAS, and her MSc in Applied Ecology and Ph.D. in Entomology at Federal University of Lavras. Sheffield is the latest stop in her highly international academic journey, with stops in Flinders University in Australia, Rice University in the USA, and UNAM in Mexico. She has interests in insect biology, ecology and plant-insect interactions, with a particular focus on understanding how insect communities respond to changes in urban environments, including air pollution.

Molly Moseley, MBiolSci Student

Molly joined the lab as a SURE scheme student, and is now completing an MBiolSci. She is interested in insect behaviour, especially bees and moths, and is working on the chemical ecology of plant-pollinator interactions. She also has interests in the sexual systems of plants and their chemical ecology. She is very fond of 3D printed flowers.   

TwiXer: @EntomologyMolly   

Stephanie Glendinning, PhD Student

Stephanie has recently started a PhD to work on pollinator-plant interactions in human-modified environments. Before moving to Sheffield, she completed a BSc in Ecology and Conservation at the University of St Andrews, and then a MSc in Entomology at Harper Adams University, where she won an award from the Royal Entomological Society (RES) for Top MSc project!  She is funded by an ACCE DTP studentship, in collaboration with the RES, and is co-supervised with Jill Edmondson (Sheffield) and Luke Tilley (RES).

Safia El-Amiri, PhD Student

Safia just started in the lab as a PhD student, and will be using metabolomics to research how urban trees and their insect communities are affected by abiotic stress, using  Previously, she did an MSc in Environmental Management, and a BSc in Physical Geography at Queen Mary University of London.  She is funded by a collaborative NERC ECORISC DTP studentship, together with Jill Edmondson and Holly Croft (Sheffield), Brett Sallach (York), and Aniko Kende (Syngenta).

Jamie Howe, MRes Student

Jamie is joining the lab as an MRes (Masters in Research) student, after completing his BSc here at Sheffield, which included a stint as a research technician in Canada (nice one) . He is interested in insect behaviour and plant biotic interactions, and is researching pollinator chemical ecology.  

Dr Heather Walker, Sheffield Metabolomics Facility (Associate)

Heather is a biochemist and runs the Department's state-of-the-art analytical mass spectrometry facility, part of Sheffield bioMICs. She has broad interests and expertise in the analysis of primary and secondary metabolites in a wide range of organisms, as well as in metabolite imaging, and is invaluable for many of the lab's projects!

Alumni (gone but not forgotten!)

Dr Elizabeth Oladapo, PhD 2023

Dr Emilie Ellis, PhD 2023 (currently a postdoc at the University of Helsinki) @ellis_ellis95

Agnes Chan, SURE Project Student 2023

Emma Matthews, MBiolSci 2023

Chloe Tucker, MRes 2023

Ellie Stainer, MRes 2022
Harry Fox, MRes 2021
Violette Pepper, MRes 2021
Alice Maitland, MRes 2020
Alex Brady, MRes 2020
Annie Cai, MRes 2019